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Speacial Diet

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26 June 2015
3.2 Greek Taste in your diet - Main meals
Editorship The dietitian suggests Greek Mediterranean Main Meals Enjoy your meals in a Mediterranean, mainly Greek style. Choose foods from all food groups, keeping variety, moderation and balance in your meals. Accompany each of your main meal with foods from the group of vegetables (Vegetables in jar) Choose foods from the group of starch and cereal making sure that at least half of them are whole grains or unprocessed (Traditional cereal products as trachanas, hilopites, pas...
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26 November 2014
3.1 Greek Taste in your diet - The Breakfast
Editorship The dietitian suggests BREAKFAST Start your day dynamically in a style of traditional and in the air of Greece. Enjoy a full, nutritious and tasty breakfast for energy and wellbeing throughout the day. Take all the nutrients of Greek Traditional Diet by choosing foods from at least two or three food groups of the following: Starchy and cereals (Traditional cereal products, bakery products, oven-products - Greek pastries, Zea and Zea products) Fruits and products (Dr...
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