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Cretan Diet

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20 January 2015
The “ItGreat” Μeze A need for culinary socializing, a small trip to forgotten treasures
The “ItGreat” Μeze A need for culinary socializing, a small trip to forgotten treasures Author admin" Greeks acknowledge the word “meze” as something as familiar to the essence of their morning coffee.In fact, this maybe the reason why they have never inquired into what “meze” truly means in regards to origin and culture conveyed through the years.The word “meze” usually signifies a small meal or nibbling in the middle of the day between lunch and dinner but it ca...
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17 December 2014
Crete The Roots of the Mediterranean Diet by Nikki Rose
A lecture in National Hellenic Museum The Mediterranean Cretan diet & the book Crete: The Roots of the Mediterranean Diet enjoying the benefits of one of the world's healthiest cuisines wherever you live by Nikki Rose About the Author Nikki Rose Nikki Rose is a Greek American professional chef-instructor (Culinary Institute of America graduate), writer and seminar director. She has worked in fine dining and journalism in the USA and France. She is founder of Crete's Culina...
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Crete ... a blessed region
11 December 2014
Crete See for yourself Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Crete The island inside you Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Incredible Hospitallity Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Yeah..... Crete Sou...
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Caper and Health
03 December 2014
Capparis spinosa, else Caper the loved one Editorship General information Capers, due to the unique taste, are one of the favorite ingredients in Mediterranean ga...
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