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20 August 2015
Trufles - Chemical & Nutritius properties
Truffle products – Chemical & nutritious properties Source Troufaplus Truffles due to the fact that include a large portion of proteins most of the times mentioned as "plant meat". Black and white truffles consist of 70% water and most of the other 30% is metals such calcium, potassium and magnesium, metallic salts and organic substances. Studies have been made to explain the fact that boars, especially females, are addicted to truffles. Research shown that boars can identify and de...
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28 February 2015
Greek elixirs of life - a trip to longevity and wellness
Cretan herbs Dittany of Crete Origanum dictamnus Note: Endemic & Endangered Species Healing Properties • Cold & flu symptoms • Sedative, tonic & detoxifying • Αntiseptic & warming • Οsteoporosis & Αnaemia • Beneficial for blood vessels of heart For the skin • heals, tones & nourishes • hydrates the skin • has anti-aging properties • reduces cellulite Sage of Crete Salvia triloba (fruticosa) Healing Properties • Nervous exhaustion • Symptoms of...
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Caper and Health
03 December 2014
Capparis spinosa, else Caper the loved one Editorship General information Capers, due to the unique taste, are one of the favorite ingredients in Mediterranean ga...
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