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General guidlines about diet & nutrition

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28 February 2015
Greek elixirs of life - a trip to longevity and wellness
Cretan herbs Dittany of Crete Origanum dictamnus Note: Endemic & Endangered Species Healing Properties • Cold & flu symptoms • Sedative, tonic & detoxifying • Αntiseptic & warming • Οsteoporosis & Αnaemia • Beneficial for blood vessels of heart For the skin • heals, tones & nourishes • hydrates the skin • has anti-aging properties • reduces cellulite Sage of Crete Salvia triloba (fruticosa) Healing Properties • Nervous exhaustion • Symptoms of...
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06 January 2015
The “ΙtGreat” School breakfast & Family Snack
The “ΙtGreat” School breakfast & Snack Author Scientific editorship: Theodora Perselis MS Food & Nutrition SIUC An Insight for proper child nutrition Children’s breakfast is valuable and irreplaceable Every school year should be the right time to introduce the basic guidelines of sound nutrition to your children so they can adopt them gradually Breakfast helps regulate appetite throughout the day, important to weight control. It also enhance...
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The Great Greek Brakfast
04 January 2015
The “ΙtGreat” Breakfast, a Greek Traditional Habit Author Nutritional edit: Nutrimed Network, Scientific Editorship: Theodora Perselis MS Food & Nutrition SIUC ...
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Our Vision - Visualised
12 December 2014
Video Part 1 The inspiration .......... Spoken Language Greek - Subtitled in English- Change Language Video by clicking the cc button Copyright 2014 itGReat, w...
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