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13 June 2015
Like our page & win
Like our page here and win A. Detailed contest conditions Duration until 05.31.2015 Funs that have already liked our page take place automatically in the draw with one lottery ticket If you want to get more lottery tickets, more possibilities to win, just share the contest post and win 5 more lottery tickets Draw will take place after the first 10 days of the conclusion of the contest Winners and prizes will be posted on our Facebook page Foreign country winners will receive their gi...
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12 December 2014
Our Vision - Visualised
Video Part 1 The inspiration .......... Spoken Language Greek - Subtitled in English- Change Language Video by clicking the cc button Copyright 2014 itGReat, Video Part 2 The Philosophy.......... Spoken Language Greek - Subtitled in English-Change Language Video by clicking the cc button Copyright 2014 itGReat, Video Part 3 The Essence.......... Spoken Language Greek ...
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Crete ... a blessed region
11 December 2014
Crete See for yourself Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Crete The island inside you Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Incredible Hospitallity Source Περιφέρεια Κρητης Yeah..... Crete Sou...
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A slight acquaintance
01 October 2014
The traditional Greek diet is not just an option or product knowledge. There is a range of information that is either poorly documented or wrong. The Wellbeing through the traditional Greek diet is...
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