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About us

Welcome to “itGReat” Company—Preface


μεράκι (me'raci)
care /substantive, zest /male,  passion /feminine
Else - Otherwise  
[μεράκι, το] [me'raci, the] care, craftsmanship by heart, true interest


“itGReat” is a new business venture that was born out of “meraci” of two individuals who share the same values regarding health and wellbeing, a deep love for their country and most of all great respect for the history and tradition of their own birth land, the “blessed Cretan Terra”.This company abstains from all impersonal and faceless norms of market logic and it is set to cater to prospective clients and the public through quality principles of service and a high sense of accountability.


  • It is a company created for modern people who seek wellbeing and longevity.
  • It is intended to service people who regard food quality, proper nutrition knowledge/practices and natural care products as integral parts of an effort to preserve and promote health and consider them absolutely necessary in achieving well-being.

itGReat” never ceases to constantly search for:

  • Farmers andcultivators who meet strict standards of production, capable of creating food products that are distinct for their taste and quality
  • Nutrition professionals to collaborate with in order  to offer client-based dietetic services
  • Companies producing pure, biological cosmetics
  • Partners to distribute its line of selected products (i.e. organic stores, hotel boutiques, deli shops and gourmet restaurants) while establishing a steady and  long win-win relationship through wholesale policies


  1. Food products of highest standard & ways of quality consumption
  2. Quality cosmetics
  3. Knowledge and  nutrition services through selected, dietetic professionals

To achieve its mission the company has set the following 3 goals and related objectives:

Goal 1: Provide a list of organic, traditional food products from selected, independent, Greek cultivators

  • Objective 1a: Select and support product cultivators by strict and traditional reliability standards
  • Objective 1b: Select distinct products based on nutritional and taste value
  • Objective 1c: Provide product packages and ways of smart shopping based on clients’ needs

Goal 2: Provide a list of natural, organic cosmetics

  • Objective 2: Select only exceptional cosmetics made of the purest, natural ingredients that may cover and array of skin care needs

Goal 3: Provide information and nutrition advice to clients

  • Objective 3a: Discuss current nutritional issues and ambivalent nutrition information
  • Objective 3b: Provide specific nutritional advice and insight on product selection based on clients’ needs
  • Objective 3c: Provide help for initiation of weight loss up to 4kgs (9 lbs) for healthy clients through daily food and food frequency records assessed for nutrient density and nutritional habits


Refer to following sections for details and commentaries on goals and objectives set for product lines and services