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Vision Philosophy

“ItGreat”  Philosophy on Foods and Consumption


 “καρπός1 ο.:” “karpos1 ο.: ”  “ fruit1 the.:”
1 plant / tree «product», the maturing stage of the blossom.
2 (mtphrcl) the result of any Human activity


Greece is s gifted land of unlimited beauty. A place surrounded by magic and filled with Mediterranean sun stretching out from the wild, virgin nature of the highlands and mountainous landscapes to the ultimate attraction of its coast line and islands. Every corner of the Greek country, even the most hard and dry, is blessed with unique, indigenous products and flavors.Right from the start, “ItGreat” has been determined to focus on all “blessed fruit” offered by the unique Greek nature and make them the point where all of its activities start and finish.

In regards to foods, it is created to propagate unique and of high nutritional value, tasteful products out of respect for their authenticity, distinctiveness and traditional values of production.

“ItGreat” is intended to:

  • Disseminate some of our deep “meraci” and nostalgia for numerous amazing tastes and flavors that have been registered into our memory when children playing in grandmom’s kitchen. Also, the love and care used in ingredient selections and all preparations to achieve a savory result. Therefore, it revitalizes these experiences as part of a modern and quality assured way of consuming food.
  • Respect small cultivators who are the only ones to offer forgotten authentic taste experiences we love through authentic recipes and provide an opportunity to sample the “old” culinary ways and adopt habits beneficial for health and life. Therefore, it supports growers’ hard efforts and persistence to keep traditional methods and ways of cultivation to help them preserve the quality of their products.
  • Cater to customers and consumers with a high sense of accountability. Therefore, it actively contributes in molding a new concept of nutritional perception to counteract the harmful effects of impersonal and faceless norms of current public consumption which sacrifices flavors and nutritional values at the “altar of convenience”.
  • Expand knowledge of wellbeing and quality living. Therefore it has created a series of modern nutritional tools, as well as an opportunity for sound advice through consultants and services accessible on daily basis through the nutritional Blog portal located in


Agricultural Partners—Cultivators




Production “the”: 1. (economy) the creation of objects, economical commodities and services originated from Human act and effort using natural or technical means.
2. The total of objects, commodities etc. created, manufactured, produced in a specific period of time. 3. The Creation, the result of an action or procedure.
produce (verb) :
1. Fabricate, or cultivate 2. Create


“ItGreat” invests on the multiple gains of assured quality and product identity offered through partnerships with small independent cultivators throughout Greece. So, a list of products of already existing extraordinary local fame which carries their unique signature can now be expanded to a wider range of consumers.

While cultivators are selected by strict quality & reliability standards, “ItGreat” focuses on partnerships that highlight and promote responsibility of their work within processes that combine the past and the present. The former are people with knowledge of tested, authentic traditional methods of cultivation with most of it being achieved by hand labor or handmade production. These methods have passed from generation to generation as a precious legacy that is, the Greek agricultural legacy. Determined and out of deep “meraci” these independent cultivators defy logic and stereotypes found in food industry  while extra labor time is never to be bargained in the sake of product quality.

Pure and unadulterated flavors based on fresh ingredients cautiously selected are there for you to experience: Flavors that can intensify the taste and aroma of a simple plate and recipe. Flavors of tradition, as well as   “tampered” ones.  Flavors meant for festivity and to reminiscent times with grand mom. Flavors that are classic or forgotten. Flavors that will boost your mood and accompany you to a true culinary experience shared with friends.


“ItGreat” shows you the path to wellbeing, It benefits your health and the health of your loved ones


Food Products



Ευζωία {efzoea} -Wellbeing the (plural absence): (λόγ.) Welfare, prosperity, happiness, good life
λόγ. < Ancient. {εὐζωΐα}

Product portfolio

“ItGreat” has developed a product portfolio which covers a wide range of nutritional needs. Except for products meant for the average, healthy person and a simple daily meal it also contains a large variety of special products. The latter are to comprise dietary packages specific to target groups such as athletes, people with diabetes or other diseases such as, celiac disease—gluten free products—, children and persons who are in greater requirement of superfoods.  Either in need of a high energy meal, a nutritious school snack or a light supper at the end of the day, “ItGreat” offers complete, nutritional packages tailored to your needs upon collaboration with NutriMed network dietetic experts.

Along these lines you may:

  • Purchase a preselected, unique bundle of products
  • Create a personalized bundle of products according to your nutritional needs and favored foods

Product packages for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, name days, various festivities and those meant for corporate presents and giveaways can be prepared for you, as well. An elegant packaging to complement the special selection of products is available and will certainly impress everyone.

Note that, if you happen to know exactly what your nutritional needs/priorities are and desire to have a set, weekly or monthly bundle of products from our list we do give you additional incentives and ideas for smarter shopping which benefits your “pocket”. For example, a preset weekly or monthly family order may dramatically reduce transportation expenses, as well as save time that is not spent in repeating identical orders over and over.


Nutrition and Health

“διατροφή η” Nutrition the: 1. anything intended to supply energy or nourishment of other forms
2. The sum of daily food requirements of a person in order to feed and sustain life.

“υγεία η” Health the: the good physical condition of the body, the smooth and harmonic function of a living organism, the wellbeing of the human body 


It is already well known that current nutrition regimens are flooded to a great extent by artificial substances which are often “toxic” to a smaller or larger extent. Food and mass-produced products are frequently of questionable quality and of very low nutritional value.

Through its quality products and services, “ItGreat” wishes to cater to individuals who have embraced a new nutritional norm. That is, to consciously make informed, careful food choices, as well as seek experts’ nutritional advice. A well-balanced way of life that respects nature will preserve all the benefits of “pure” natural nutrition which brings us closer to health, prosperity and longevity when adopted.

“ItGreat” offers selected, traditional products made of natural and pure ingredients found in Greek nature and manufactured through standardized high quality assurance procedures. The majority of these products come from organic cultivation or production and are free of preservatives and chemical agents.  Therefore, a positive contribution to consumers’ health is reassured. Along these lines, let’s not forget the etymology of the word «βιολογικός» (biologic) that comes from «βίος» (bios) that means life!

As already discussed in a previous commentary, our company has a permanent collaboration with NutriMed.  That is, the largest network of dietitians and nutritionists in Greece who are available to provide you with support through our website. Except for informing you on nutritional studies and research findings this team of professionals will also give you science-based suggestions and advice in selecting proper product combinations according to your own nutritional needs (e.g. high energy, athletics, etc).

In addition, a head start to initiate weight loss up to 4 kgs (9lbs) will be given for interested, healthy clients who are willing to fill out provided daily food record and information forms on food frequency consumption. Advice on how to improve nutrient density of their diets, follow a sound daily layout of food consumption and keep to a minimum or abstain from foodstuffs that prevent keeping a healthy weight will be the core of this service.


Natural Cosmetics

“Καλλυντικός” – Cosmetic ή (female) –ό (male): used for the proper care and improvement of the human skin
[substantive of adjective “καλλυντικός(Cosmetic) <  “καλλύνω(to beautify)= ομορφαίνω (embellish)]

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Its high significance stems from the fact that it functions as a priceless shield protecting us from extreme external conditions, chemicals solar radiation and infections. It also works as a high intelligence sensor which keeps us “united” with our natural surroundings working in harmony with numerous brain processes. Needless to remind you, that these are only just the basic functions of the human skin.

In the same way nutritional care (i.e. food choices and habits) is reflected to the overall extent of health, beauty and wellbeing of a person, skin’s care and health are depicted by its looks. The more natural and pure skin products we use the better nourished, glowing and firm our skin will be.

Along these lines, “ItGreat” has also a portfolio meant for skin care comprised by a complete range of natural organic cosmetics. These products are made to help you cover your skin needs in the most pure, natural manner.  According to skin type, you may choose from an array of cosmetics to cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and regenerate your skin, as well as protect it from aging.

Look into our selection of natural soaps that are free of coloring agents, preservative substances, chemical additives and allergens to care for your face, body and hair. Organic plant oils, herb extracts, bee’s wax, propolis and pure honey are the basic ingredients whose benefits are boosted by essential oils enclosed in a formulation of natural scent.

For those of you about to start a more natural way of living and desire a healthier, more beautiful, rejuvenated skin these exceptional cosmetics may become your true, valuable allies.